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vous restez toujours responsable de ce que tu as apprivoisé

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

establishing ties

  1. To provide a self-sustaining, self-sufficient abode of safety and comfort for the children of the street.

  2. Using the 4 point Umbrella…

    To provide kids an environment that caters to their intellectual growth and emotional well being along with taking care of their physical and academic needs. Thus enabling them to feel connected to the fabric of society and eventually become contributing members.

  3. To create physical and emotional ties of these kids with themselves and with society—to impart to them a sense of belonging.


What is the good life? What is the good man? What is the good society? What are my obligations to society? What is justice? Truth? Virtue? What is my relation to nature, to death, to aging, to pain, to illness? How can I live a zestful, enjoyable, meaningful life? What is best for my children? Who are my children? Abraham Maslow